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9 months ago

TiddlyWiki5 incorporates the Jasmine JavaScript testing framework (see It allows the same tests to be run both in the browser and under Node.js.

TiddlyWiki5 Testing Components

There are two main elements to the TiddlyWiki5 testing mechanism:

  • The plugin tiddlywiki/jasmine that wraps Jasmine up into a plugin along with some glue code
  • The TiddlyWiki5 edition test that contains the core test specifications and includes the Jasmine plugin

Running the Tests in Node.js

To run the tests under Node.js just load up the test wiki:

node ./tiddlywiki.js \
	./editions/test \

Running the Tests in the Browser

To generate a wiki containing the browser tests load up the test wiki and save it as an HTML file:

node ./tiddlywiki.js \
	./editions/test \
	--verbose \
	--rendertiddler $:/core/save/all test.html text/plain \

The test.html file will be placed in the output folder within the wiki folder. Open it in the browser to see the test results. There is a prebuilt version of test.html at: