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 15th July 2014 at 8:38am

The micro-kernel creates a TiddlyWiki specific data-structure called tiddler. Here you have to separate the different definition of tiddlers. In the architectural view a tiddler is a JavaScript object holding some data. In the overall concept a tiddler is similar to a wiki page in a normal wiki application like wikipedia. In this section we describe the architectural view of a tiddler. The listing below shows the JSON representation of a tiddler object. During the runtime of the TiddlyWiki everything is saved an object like this. Without any plug-in the architecture is not able to persist any kind of data. All the data is stored in a store. This store is a JavaScript object. This store is constructed like a Map with a bunch of key value pairs. Every tiddler has its name as the key in the map and the JavaScript-Object as the value. The tiddler concept is the main data-model within TiddlyWiki, everything from data up to plug-ins is stored as a tiddler.

   "text":"example Text",