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 17th July 2014 at 9:26pm

TiddlyWiki is a personal notebook application based on a wiki application. In addition to a static Web-Site, TiddlyWiki is implemented as a single page application. This is a approach to build rich internet applications, it includes the possibility to put application logic into web-pages to make them dynamically. Furthermore this means the whole application is delivered in one HTML file, consisting of source code to dynamically change the view and behaviour of the application as well as the data of the application. During the runtime nothing must be loaded from a server to the TiddlyWiki application. The HTML file contains everything needed to start the application. TiddlyWiki is highly customisable because of a very sophisticated module concept. Except of a micro-kernel written in JavaScript the whole application consist of a own data-structure called tiddlers and a own markup language called wikiText. Even the modules are realised as tiddlers.

The aim of this documentation is to overview the idea behind the TiddlyWiki application as well as give a overview of the architecture to the reader. This means after reading the documentation the reader is has the knowledge how the overall application works and where the points are where the reader can extend the functionality of the application.

Section Overview:

TiddlyWiki - A quick Overview
This section describes the idea of the TiddlyWiki application. This should give the reader a overview over what TiddlyWiki consists of give a brief introduction to the topics of the main documentation.

Microkernel Architecture
The heart of TiddlyWiki is it's microkernel. This section will describe what bare mechanisms are included in the microkernel and how additional modules are loaded.

TiddlyWiki Core Application
After the microkernel has been explained this section focuses on the core plug-in. It describes the central modules of the core and explains how they work together to build a single file application.

A briefly summary about this documentation bringing out the advantages, disadvantages and experiences with TiddlyWiki.