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Tags and Filter Mechanism

17th July 2014 at 6:21pm


The core plug-in extends the store by a simple mechanism to tag a tiddler. This provides the functionality to

  • retrieve tiddlers with a specific tag
  • retreive a hashmap of { tag: [tiddler1, tiddler3, tiddler3] }
  • list or iterate tiddlers not tagged with a specific tag

The tags are stored directly in the tiddler. Each tiddler can have a field named "tag", which contains an array of its tags. The above functions use this field to calculate their results and cache them in a global cache.

Organising information with tags is easy, intuitive and is common throughout the web. In most cases the functions mentioned above are not enough and a more sophisticated way of querying is needed. But instead of focusing only on tags TiddlyWiki introduces a querying system that isn't bound to tags or single tiddlers.

Filter mechanism

This filter mechanism is build on the idea of a pipeline of single filter operators. Filters are noted as strings and can look like


This example would (implicitly) put all available tiddlers into the pipe. The first operator tag[task] would only pass tiddlers which are tagged with "task". The !tag[done] operator is negated and only passes tiddlers which are not tagged with "done". The last filter operator passes only tiddlers with a field "interesting" set to "very". So as a result this filter would be used to obtain all tiddlers which are marked as task, aren't already done and are very interesting.

There are many filter operators already build into the core plug-in including the mentioned tag- and field operators, filter operators to sort the tiddlerlist by a specified field, etc. But more sophisticated operators are possible, too. An example would be the search-operator. This filter operator looks for the searched string in the text and in the tags of the tiddlers. If the provided filter operators are not enough, a developer can add new filters by adding a module with the filteroperator type.

System Tags

Tags and the filter mechanism are used throughout the core plug-in for internal puproses. Tags which start with $:/ are normally hidden from the casual user, similar to System Tiddlers

The filter mechanism is added to the wiki store with the wikimethod module type.