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"Mal's Sandbox" by Mal

1st May 2016 at 2:19pm

A collection of extensions by @malgam

The "loadnew" plugin provides the JavaScript module $:/plugins/malgam/loadnew/loadnew.js that implements an incremental load command for Tiddlywiki 5.

The javascript code is based on the built-in module $:/core/modules/commands/load.js that loads tiddlers from a Tiddlywiki file into a node.js Tiddlywiki instance. This command loads all non-system tiddlers, irrespective of whether they have been modified since last loaded. As a result, all tiddlers in the node.js tiddlers folder will end up with a new modification date.

In contrast, the loadnew command only loads tiddlers that either don't already exist in the tiddlers folder, or have a newer modified date than the existing tiddler.

With a backup strategy that uses a file system snapshot process to preserve historical versions of tiddlers, the loadnew command minimises the sizes of the resulting snapshots.