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 4th December 2022 at 4:56pm

Federatial Limited helps organisations explore new user interaction concepts through rapid prototyping of sophisticated web-based tools. Services include:

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JeremyRuston founded Federatial Limited in 2011 to support his work on TiddlyWiki for the advertised 25 years. Since then, Federatial has been privileged to have worked with a wide range of fantastic clients in very different sectors, on some very diverse projects:

  • For a law firm in the Washington DC, developing a custom multi-user TiddlyWiki application. It replaced a Microsoft Word document hosted on SharePoint that had grown to 18,000 pages and 10 million words, and was increasingly unwieldy to manage. We converted the document to a non-linear TiddlyWiki structure. Startup, searching and browsing are an order of magnitude faster than using Word and SharePoint
  • For a publishing firm in Paris, devising a new TiddlyWiki-based format for interactive electronic publications (including conversion from the established EPUB format). See
  • For a charity in London, maintaining a multiuser instance of TiddlyWiki running on Amazon's serverless infrastructure. It has more than 1,000 users, and over 15,000 tiddlers in 500 interlinked wikis. See