Welcome to the website for the TiddlyWiki European Meetup 2016.

Think local, act global!


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  • Formalising project roles
  • Future of TiddlySpace
  • Cleaning up open PRs and issues
  • How to make the greatest positive impact on the project?
  • How to use this meetup as a promotional tool for the next one?


We planned to work together to add server-side twederation to the meetup website, and use the emerging threaded discussion to document our activities:



  1. Add Travis-based continuous integration to https://github.com/Jermolene/tiddlywiki-eu-meetup-2016/
  2. Add client-side Twederation plugins and explore at https://github.com/Jermolene/tiddlywiki-eu-meetup-2016/wiki.html
  3. Implement necessary server-side Twederation components


We discussed potential agenda items on a public Trello board.

This is the federated discussion from the time of the meetup.