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TiddlyWiki is under rapid development at the moment as it moves through beta to a full release.


During the beta TiddlyWiki will be practical for cautious everyday use but as we perfect the product there will occasionally be situations where we have to make changes that are not backwards compatible. These occasions will be clearly marked in the release notes.

The following additional features are planned or under consideration for implementation during the beta:

  • Features improving user data integrity
  • Features required for large scale adoption
    • Improve upgrade process
    • Establish plugin library
    • Proper use of ARIA roles
  • Fixing hangovers from TiddlyWikiClassic
    • TiddlyWiki file format (to avoid illegal attribute names)
    • Tiddler object format (to provide true polymorphism of field values)
  • Perfecting WikiText
    • Global macros
    • [img[url]] for remote image embedding, and [ext[url]] for explicit external links
    • Further WikiText features
  • Productivity features
    • Import wizard allowing individual tiddlers to be selected for import
    • Aliases
    • Search and replace
    • Tiddler renaming
    • Rich link tooltips, incorporating a preview
    • Keyboard shortcuts
    • Keyboard snippet expansion in the text editor
    • Integration with the browser back and forwards buttons
    • List editor with drag and drop
    • Selective/weighted searching by title, body and fields
    • Maths notation

Also see the issues list on GitHub:

General Release

TiddlyWiki will leave beta and become a full release in the first half of 2014. That is the point at which it is declared stable enough for general use. It will continue to improve and evolve after this point, although constrained to remain backwards compatible so that plugins and content created for version 5.0 will continue to work into the indefinite future.