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15th February 2016 at 11:51am

System tags are used to give special behaviour to tiddlers.

Available system tags

These are the available system tags

  • for elements to be placed at the top of the story river
  • for search elements
  • for alerts
  • for elements to be placed at the bottom of the story river
  • for control panel tabs
  • for control panel advanced tabs
  • for control panel appearance tabs
  • for control panel info tabs
  • for control panel settings tabs
  • for control panel toolbar customisation tabs
  • for custom preview panes
  • for the edit template
  • for the edit mode tiddler toolbar
  • for the exporters
  • for filters in advanced seach sample filter dropdown
  • for (core) images
  • for global macros
  • for tabs in the "more" sidebar
  • for the page control tools in the sidebar
  • for the main page elements
  • for colour palettes
  • for the plugin library
  • for raw markup to be included in the generated HTML file
  • for customised search results
  • for sidebar tabs
  • to indicate that a tiddler should be applied as a CSS stylesheet
  • for tiddler info panel tabs
  • for tabs under the advanced tiddler tab
  • for the style of the buttons
  • for the top left bar
  • for the top right bar
  • for the view template
  • for the view mode tiddler toolbar

System tags in use

These are the system tags in use in this wiki: