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Adding Babel Polyfill to TiddlyWiki

 12th January 2016 at 5:50pm

Not all browsers support the latest features of ES2015. The Babel project offers a polyfill that can be included into your TiddlyWiki so those features can be available to your plugins. To do this you will need a copy of the polyfill source.

You can obtain the source either through npm or downloaded/saved. See the Babel Polyfill documentation for specific information on installing it.

In your TiddlyWiki editions folder make sure you have a plugins/babel-polyfill folder. Then create the plugins/babel-polyfill/ file with the following in it:

  "title": "$:/plugins/babel/babel-polyfill",
  "description": "Babel Polyfills for ES2015 support",
  "author": "Your Name Here",
  "core-version": ">=5.0.0"

Create the folder plugins/babel-polyfill/files folder. Then create the plugins/babel-polyfill/files/tiddlywiki.files file with the following in it:

  "tiddlers": [
      "file": "polyfill.min.js",
      "fields": {
        "title": "$:/plugins/babel/babel-polyfill/polyfill.min.js",
        "type": "application/javascript",
        "module-type": "library",
        "global-module": "true"

Now copy the polyfill.min.js you downloaded/saved.

If you downloaded this via npm then it would be available in ./node_modules/babel-polyfill/dist/polyfill.min.js.

Lastly you need a initializer so create the plugins/babel-polyfill/plugin.js file with the following in it:

title: $:/plugins/babel/babel-polyfill/plugin.js
type: application/javascript
module-type: startup

Load the babel-polyfill library on startup


exports.startup = function() {

Because the polyfill is meant to be used in the browser we need to conditionally load the library which ES2016 doesn't allow. This is why it is written using TiddlyWiki's dependency resolver instead of using ES2015 import statements.

Now all the runtime ES2015 features are available like using Promise in your plugin code.

See Using ES2016 for Writing Plugins on how to use the ES2015 syntax for your plugin code.