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17th July 2014 at 6:09pm

The core plug-in adds two caches to the wiki store. A global cache and a cache for each tiddler. While the global cache is cleared whenever any tiddler changes, the tiddler cache is only cleared when the associated tiddler changes. The idea of the tiddler cache is, that sometimes we want to calculate information from a tiddler but don't want to recalculate every time we need this information. Imagine a tiddler which contains links to other tiddlers and at one point we want to have a list of the linked tiddlers (LinksFilter). With the tiddler cache we can parse the WikiText, extract the linked tiddlers and put this list in the cache. Until the tiddler is changed, the cache can be used to access this information in the next requests.

The same idea holds for the global cache. For example when a filter string is parsed and a list of matching tiddlers is constructed. This list can be put in the global cache for later reuse until something changes in the store.

Like the Event Mechanism, the cache needs hook functions in the microkernel. The microkernel calls clearGlobalCache() and clearCache(tiddlertitle) when a tiddler changes. The core's cache mechanism overwrites this functions. The functions providing the cache system are added via the wikimethod module type.