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How to create a translation for TiddlyWiki

 22nd October 2014 at 2:52pm


Setting Up

  1. Fork the TiddlyWiki GitHub repository (
  2. Create a branch with the name of the translation you intend to create (eg "cy-GB" for "Welsh (United Kingdom)")
  3. Clone your forked repository to your computer (eg, /MyTranslation/TiddlyWiki5)
  4. Create a sibling directory /MyTranslation/
  5. Create a new folder in <repo>/languages for your translation
  6. Copy the contents of <repo>/core/language/en-GB into your translation folder
  7. Create a file (see below) in your translation folder
  8. Edit <repo>/editions/ to add your language to the list
  9. Run ../ to build TiddlyWiki
  10. Open the TiddlyWiki file at /MyTranslation/
  11. You should see your translation listed in the control panel, but the text of the translation will still be in British English
  12. Edit the .tid and .multids files in your language folder to translate the English text

Content of for Joe Bloggs' Welsh translation:

	"title": "$:/languages/cy-GB",
	"name": "cy-GB",
	"plugin-type": "language",
	"description": "Welsh (British)",
	"author": "JoeBloggs",
	"core-version": ">=5.0.0"

MultiTiddlerFiles make it possible to pack the text of several tiddlers in a single text file, simplifying some editing tasks.

Handling Updates

Sometimes the master en-GB language tiddlers are updated with revised content or new items. The best way to keep track of language-related commits to TiddlyWiki5:master is to monitor this RSS/Atom feed: