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BrowserStorage Plugin

 6th February 2019 at 6:12pm

The BrowserStorage Plugin enables TiddlyWiki to save tiddlers in browser local storage. This means that changes are stored within the browser, and automatically re-applied any time the base wiki is reloaded.

Browser local storage is not a panacea for TiddlyWiki:

  • Browsers limit the amount of local storage available to a page, typically to 5 or 10MB
  • Keeping personal data in browser local storage can lead to unexpected privacy violations
  • Browsers reserve the right to without warning delete data stored in local storage at any time
  • Browsers tie local storage to a URL which can lead to problems if you move a wiki to a URL previously occupied by a different wiki

Please use this plugin with caution. There are a number of unresolved issues and open questions.

The BrowserStorage Plugin can be installed from the plugin library.