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 19th January 2014 at 8:15pm

Load tiddlers from TiddlyWiki (.html), .tiddler, .tid, .json or other local files. The processing applied to incoming files is determined by the file extension. Use the alternative import command if you need to specify the deserializer and encoding explicitly.

--load <filepath> [noerror]
--load <dirpath> [noerror]

By default, the load command raises an error if no tiddlers are found. The error can be suppressed by providing the optional "noerror" parameter.

To load tiddlers from an encrypted TiddlyWiki file you should first specify the password with the PasswordCommand. For example:

tiddlywiki ./MyWiki --password pa55w0rd --load my_encrypted_wiki.html

Note that TiddlyWiki will not load an older version of an already loaded plugin.