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all Operator

 21st March 2023 at 1:14pm
purposefind all titles of a fundamental category
inputignored, unless the parameter is empty
parameterzero or more categories
outputthe titles that belong to all the specified categories

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The parameter specifies zero or more fundamental categories using the following filter step syntax:

currentjust the current tiddler
missingall non-existent tiddlers to which there is at least one hard linkno
orphansall tiddlers to which there are no hard linksby title
shadowsall the shadow tiddlers that exist, including any that have been overridden with non-shadow tiddlersno
tagsall the tags in use on non-shadow tiddlersno
tiddlersall the non-shadow tiddlers that existno

If the parameter specifies more than one category, they are processed from left to right. The overall output is initially empty, and each category's output is dominantly appended to it in turn. Unrecognised categories contribute nothing to the output.

As a special case, if the parameter is empty, the output is simply a copy of the input. This can be useful when the parameter is a soft parameter.

The is operator is similar, but its scope is restricted to its input.