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compare Operator

 12th April 2020 at 6:15pm
purposefilter the input by comparing each item against the operand
inputa selection of titles
suffixthe compare operator uses a rich suffix, see below for details
parameterthe value to compare
outputthose input titles matching the specified comparison
! outputthose input titles not matching the specified comparison
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New in: 5.1.22The compare filter allows numerical, string and date comparisons to be performed.

The compare operator uses an extended syntax to specify all the options:


The type can be:

  • "number" - invalid numbers are interpreted as zero
  • "integer" - invalid integers are interpreted as zero
  • "string"
  • "date" - invalid dates are interpreted as 1st January 1970
  • "version" - invalid versions are interpreted as "v0.0.0"

The mode can be:

  • "eq" - equal to
  • "ne" - not equal to
  • "gteq" - greater than or equal to
  • "gt" - greater than
  • "lteq" - less than or equal to
  • "lt" - less than

The operator compares each item in the selection against the value of the parameter, retaining only those items that pass the specified condition.

For example:

[[2]compare:number:eq[3]] returns nothing
[[2]compare:number:lt[3]] returns "2"
[[2]compare:number:eq[2]] returns "2"

Note that several of the variants of the compare operator are synonyms for existing operators, and are provided in the interests of consistency. For example, compare:string:eq[x] is a synonym for match[x].