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each Operator

 9th December 2019 at 8:59am
purposeselect one of each group of input titles by field
inputa selection of titles
suffixoptionally, list-item or value
parameterF=the name of a field, defaulting to title
outputa selection containing the first input title encountered for each distinct value of field F

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Each input title is processed in turn. The value of field F in the corresponding tiddler is examined.

As long as the value of the field is unique (i.e. has not been encountered before), the title is appended to the output.
The value is treated as a title list. Each title in the list considered in turn. If it has not been encountered before, it is appended to the output.
As long as the title is unique it is appended to the output whether or not the corresponding tiddler exists.

Note that if a tiddler does not contain field F, it is treated as if the value of the field were empty. Thus, a filter expression such as [each[motovun]] will return one tiddler that doesn't have a motovun field, as well as one tiddler with each distinct value of that field, if any. To obtain just the tiddlers that have a non-blank value for the motovun field one can use [each[motovun]has[motovun]].