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regexp Operator

 3rd February 2015 at 7:06pm
purposefilter the input by pattern-matched field
inputa selection of titles
suffixF=the name of a field, defaulting to title
parameterX=a regular expression
outputthose input tiddlers in which field F matches X
! outputthose input tiddlers in which field F does not match X

Learn more about how to use Filters

Regular expressions are concise strings of characters that denote patterns of text to search for. The format used in TiddlyWiki is fully defined in this Mozilla reference.

The filter syntax makes it impossible to directly specify a regular expression that contains square brackets. The solution is to store the expression in a variable. See the examples.

The parameter X can optionally start or end with a string of flags:


Only the i flag is generally useful: it forces the different between capital and lowercase letters to be ignored.

If X is empty, regexp will match all of the input tiddlers.