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removeprefix Operator

 11th July 2023 at 8:28am
purposefilter the input titles by how they start, deleting that prefix
inputa selection of titles
suffixthe removeprefix operator uses a rich suffix, see below for details
parameterS=a string of characters
outputthose input titles that start with S, but with those characters discarded

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This filters out input titles that do not start with S. For removing S without filtering out input titles that don't start with S, see trim.

Introduced in v5.2.2

The removeprefix operator uses an extended syntax that permits multiple flags to be passed:

[removeprefix:<flag list>[<parameter>]]
  • flag list: a comma delimited list of flags

The available flags are:

  • casesensitive: (default), this flag forces a case-sensitive match, where upper and lower case letters are considered different
  • caseinsensitive: overrides the default so that upper and lower case letters are considered identical for matching purposes