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slugify Operator

 9th May 2020 at 2:17pm
purposereturns each item in the list in a human-readable form for use in URLs or filenames
inputa selection of titles
outputthe input titles transformed so that they only contain lower case letters, numbers, periods, dashes and underscores

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Introduced in v5.1.23 The transformation applied by the slugify operator follows these steps:

  • If there is a tiddler with the same title that has a slug field, then return that field instead of running the following steps
  • Replace uppercase letters with lowercase equivalents
  • Transliterate diacritics to their basic lowercase ASCII equivalents (for example, "Æ" is transliterated to "AE")
  • Replace spaces with dashes
  • Remove all non-word characters except dashes and periods
  • Replace multiple sequential dashes with a single dash
  • Trim dashes from start and end
  • If the result is the empty string then character codes are used instead (eg. "&£@" transforms to "38-163-64")

Note that it is possible for more than one title to slugify to the same string. The duplicateslugs can be used to alert authors to any clashes.