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"Noteself" by Danielo Rodríguez

 13th November 2021 at 1:08am

NoteSelf is your personal, private, customisable, Evernote-like experience. You want cloud? Fine! You don't? Fine too! It's all yours, It's your decision! Why not be a bit selfish?

NoteSelf is the perfect place to store your ideas, notes, thoughts, tips, tricks, recipes... whatever you want to put into it! NoteSelf will store, index, and make it easily searchable, so you will find it instantly whenever you need it!

You already know and love Evernote, we know it. It is comfortable, it syncs, has search capabilities... Wow, it's almost perfect, but what about:

  • Privacy - Everything is stored on the Evernote's servers!
  • Customisation - If you don't like the interface of Evernote, there's nothing you can do

NoteSelf is built on top of TiddlyWiki, a powerful, free, highly customisable and open-source personal wiki. We took the best of it, it's powerful customisation system, and mixed it with one of the best embedded databases available, PouchDb, for bringing the synchronisation capabilities you need.