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"Slides and Stories" by Jan

6th January 2021 at 3:10pm

Slides and Stories is a repository of the tools to optimize TW for scientific research and for presenting and publishing results.

SlidesnStories a tool to save and reload sets of Tiddlers. This is already working, The aim is to develop a mechanism to transform these into instant slideshows.


is a tool which gives you the possibility to attach and show specific information in tabs at the bottom of each Tiddler: ideas, notes, tasks, stories and presentations, comments, annotations and footnotes.
It is inspired by MagicTabs and Tiddlyscholar by Alberto Molina Pérez, which are very elaborated tools that alas do not seem to be in active development any more. I wanted to change the behaviour in some ways. For example I wanted show tabs only if they have content.

...furthermore there is

  • an export-plugin,
  • a footnote-plugin,
  • and a plugin to rearrange Tiddlers in the StoryRiver