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Community Links Aggregator

 22nd March 2021 at 3:18pm

The TiddlyWiki Community Links Aggregator is a collection of regularly updated links to useful and interesting TiddlyWiki material curated by our team of community editors. The site aggregates links curated by individual members of the TiddlyWiki community. It lets you see the latest links, and explore them through categories and timelines.

This site works best with a crowd of people posting links. The pressure on individuals is reduced because not everybody needs to catch every interesting link that flies past. The aggregation effects reduce the impact of mistakes. For example, if one person mis-tags a link under an inappropriate topic, the site will show that only one person added that tag, versus the majority using more appropriate tags. In that way, we hope that a sort of wisdom of the crowds will emerge, with consensus emerging as to the most useful ways to describe and categorise links.