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Consent Banner Plugin

 19th October 2020 at 8:46am

The Consent Banner Plugin helps make websites that are compliant with "cookie legislation" such as the EU General Data Protection Regulation. It presents a banner inviting the user to accept or reject cookies, keeping track of their consent in local storage so that the banner can be hidden on subsequent visits.

By default, content embedded with <iframe>, <embed> and <object> is blocked unless the user consents to accept cookies.

Consent status is available via a configuration tiddler so that it is possible to construct content that behaves differently depending upon whether consent has been granted. As an example, a macro is provided for embedding YouTube videos that automatically uses the variant of video URLs unless the user has accepted cookies.

Please note that using this plugin does not guarantee compliance with any particular legislation. You will need to understand the technical issues specific to your situation, and if necessary seek legal advice.