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Creating and editing tiddlers

 7th June 2016 at 3:37pm

Creating tiddlers

You create a tiddler either by clicking the button in the sidebar, or by clicking on a link to a missing tiddler. Links to missing tiddlers are shown in blue italics.

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Editing tiddlers

To edit an existing tiddler, click the button at the top right of the tiddler.

Draft mode

When you create a new tiddler or edit an existing one, the tiddler will go into draft mode. This presents a control panel for modifying the tiddler in various ways. It has several parts, from top to bottom:

  • The title field - Use this to change the title of the tiddler
  • The tag selector - Use this to add or remove tags. As you type a tag name in the box, a dropdown list will show you any existing tags that match. You can pick from this list or create a completely new tag. Then click the add button or hit the Enter key to add the tag to the tiddler. Each tag is shown as a coloured pill. Click the "×" on a pill to remove that tag
  • The text area - Use this to edit the main content of the tiddler. Click the preview button ( / ) to see what your changes will look like
  • The type selector - Use this when a tiddler needs to be displayed in a special way, such as an image. See ContentType for a list of the options. The default is text/vnd.tiddlywiki, which means the tiddler contains WikiText
  • The field selector - Use this to add or remove fields on the tiddler. For example, if you are editing a tiddler that's being used to tag other tiddlers, you can add a ''list'' field to change the order in which those tiddlers will be listed

Save, cancel or delete

When you have finished editing, click a button at the top right of the tiddler:

  • The ok button () stores your changes to this one tiddler and leaves draft mode. If your wiki is configured to AutoSave, your changes will be permanently saved. Otherwise they will only be stored temporarily in your web browser, and you will lose them if you close your TiddlyWiki page without first clicking the master save changes button ( ) in the sidebar.
  • The cancel button () discards your changes (after asking you to confirm) and leaves draft mode.
  • The delete button () deletes the entire tiddler (after asking you to confirm).