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29th August 2013 at 4:47pm

A data tiddler is a miniature database contained within a tiddler.

There are two standard formats:

Other formats of tiddler can also be parsed to yield blocks of data that behave like data tiddlers.

Use a TextReference to look up the value of a named property. For example, if a DictionaryTiddler called MonthDays contains:


... then {{MonthDays##nov}} will resolve to the value 30.

The same is true if MonthDays is a JSONTiddler with the following content:


Note: It is currently only possible to retrieve data from the immediate properties of the root object of a JSONTiddler.

The widgets ActionSetFieldWidget and ActionListopsWidget can manipulate named properties of data tiddlers by indicating the name of the property in the $index attribute. To create or modify a named property with ActionSetFieldWidget, provide a $value attribute. To delete a named property with ActionSetFieldWidget, omit the $value attribute. ActionListopsWidget assigns the named property the list constructed through its $filter and $subfilter attributes.