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Discover TiddlyWiki

 23rd October 2015 at 4:53pm

You've never seen anything like TiddlyWiki. TiddlyWiki is:

a tool,
a toolbox,
a community,
and a philosophy.

TiddlyWiki is a Tool

TiddlyWiki is first and foremost a tool: it is a free downloadable tool for capturing and organising content from the web, from your documents or from your brain. It is a tool for note-taking, bookmarking, pinning, writing, managing to-do lists and projects, collaborating, blogging, and publishing.

In TiddlyWiki you create or paste content into notes called tiddlers, then connect your tiddlers with hyperlinks and tags. You can then quickly retrieve your notes through features such as tag pills, sidebar tabs, and TiddlyWiki's lightning fast search window. You can even dynamically include one tiddler's content inside another - similar to using building blocks - to create articles, lists, presentations and more.

TiddlyWiki is a Toolbox

In addition to being a versatile tool, TiddlyWiki is also a toolbox.

Where other note-taking products hook you with the basic program then charge you for the really helpful features, TiddlyWiki has an ever-expanding collection of completely free visual themes, colour palettes, plugins, widgets and macros, which you can then mix and match so that you can tweak and tailor your TiddlyWiki to get it just the way you want it.

TiddlyWiki is also a Community

We are a community of users and developers who help each other imagine new ways of thinking and organising and create new solutions, so that TiddlyWiki is continually adapting to better serve your needs. TiddlyWiki users and developers share questions and advice at a TiddlyWiki Google group. They also create tutorials, adaptations, and plugins to enhance your TiddlyWiki experience. See the section Community of the TableOfContents for more details.

Finally, TiddlyWiki is a philosophy

The purpose of taking and organising a note (or recording any kind of content) is to be able to retrieve it later. If you can't find your notes in your note-taking system, your note-taking becomes a colossal waste of time.

The TiddlyWiki philosophy is that the best way to take notes is to separate them into tiddlers, the smallest semantic units possible. A tiddler might be an image, a webpage link, a concept, the definition of a term, or a specific customisation such as a macro.

These tiddlers can then be woven together to create longer units: stories, articles, lists, image galleries, and much more. TiddlyWiki's features such as tagging, hyperlinking, and filters are specially designed to help you relate and connect tiddlers together in multiple ways, facilitating your future retrieval of your notes and even helping you see unexpected relationships among your tiddlers and the information they contain.