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 20th August 2013 at 1:24pm

Tiddlers that have a draft.of field are treated as pending drafts of the tiddler specified in the field. Draft tiddlers should also have a draft.title field that specifies the title that will be given to the tiddler when it is saved.

Several features work in concert to give the desired behaviour for draft tiddlers:

  • The ListWidget can optionally render draft tiddlers through a different template
  • The NavigatorWidget incorporates handlers for the following events:
    • tm-new-tiddler for creating a new tiddler in draft mode
    • tm-edit-tiddler for moving a tiddler into edit mode
    • tm-cancel-tiddler for cancelling a tiddler out of edit mode
    • tm-save-tiddler for saving a draft tiddler
  • Draft tiddlers are automatically excluded from search operations