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Emergency Tiddler Export

7th May 2020 at 8:28pm
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This method is useful if, for any reason, you should find your current TiddlyWiki instance is not saving (e.g. a plugin or a server has stopped working). It should work on just about any platform.

  • Go to advanced search
    • Goto the filter tab
    • Enter the following filter text:
  • Check the list of tiddlers.
  • Adjust the number "25" in the filter to make sure you found all your recently modified tiddlers
  • Press the bucket with the up arrow [] which appears on the right
  • A dialogue window will ask for a location to download a file called tiddler.json on your local drive, or depending on browser configuration, just alert you that such a file will be downloaded. Press save.
  • The tiddlers.json file can be imported (tools in sidebar) or drag and drop the file on the top line of the story river of another TW .
    • You can (de)select specific tiddlers.
    • Finally, press import.