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Environment Variables on Node.js

 13th June 2022 at 11:41am

TiddlyWiki on Node.js supports the following OS environment variables for specifying a delimited list of paths to search for plugins and editions:

  • TIDDLYWIKI_PLUGIN_PATH - Search path for ordinary plugins
  • TIDDLYWIKI_THEME_PATH - Search path for themes
  • TIDDLYWIKI_LANGUAGE_PATH - Search path for languages
  • TIDDLYWIKI_EDITION_PATH - Search path for editions (used by the InitCommand)

1. The delimiter may vary between operating systems. While on Windows a semicolon ; is used, Linux implements a colon :.

2. On Linux systems, it may be necessary to export the variable as well as to define it.

The additional paths should each point to folders structured like the equivalent directories in the TiddlyWiki5 GitHub repository: the plugin, theme and language directories contain publisher/pluginname/<files> while the edition directories contain editionname/<files>

For example:

tiddlywiki mywiki --build index