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Environment Variables on Node.js

12th September 2014 at 2:18pm
TiddlyWiki on Node.js

TiddlyWiki on Node.js supports the following OS environment variables for specifying a delimited list of paths to search for plugins and editions:

  • TIDDLYWIKI_PLUGIN_PATH - Search path for ordinary plugins
  • TIDDLYWIKI_THEME_PATH - Search path for themes
  • TIDDLYWIKI_LANGUAGE_PATH - Search path for languages
  • TIDDLYWIKI_EDITION_PATH - Search path for editions (used by the InitCommand)

Note: The delimiter may vary between operating systems. While on Windows a semicolon ; is used, Linux implements a colon :.

The additional paths should each point to folders structured like the equivalent directories in the TiddlyWiki5 GitHub repository: the plugin, theme and language directories contain publisher/pluginname/<files> while the edition directories contain editionname/<files>

For example:

tiddlywiki mywiki --build index