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 20th February 2015 at 4:12pm


The fields widget renders each field of a specified tiddler through a simple text template. A list of fields to exclude can be provided. It is used internally by TiddlyWiki5, notably by the FileSavingMechanism.

Template Handling

The provided template is rendered with the following special substitutions:

$name$Field name
$value$Field value
$encoded_value$HTML encoded form of field value

Content and Attributes

The content of the <$fields> widget is ignored.

tiddlerTitle of the tiddler from which the fields are to be displayed (defaults to the current tiddler)
templateText of the template (see above)
excludeLists of fields to be excluded (defaults to "text")
includeLists of fields to be included, if the field exists. This parameter takes precedence over "exclude"
sortSorts the fields by name (defaults to "yes"). Set to "no", if "include" order should be retained!
sortReverseReverses the sort order
stripTitlePrefixIf set to "yes" then curly bracketed prefixes are removed from titles (for example {prefix}HelloThere converts to HelloThere)

The stripTitlePrefix attribute is used when building TiddlyWiki Classic; see editions/tw2 in the TiddlyWiki5 repo.