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 10th June 2016 at 8:21am

Keyboard shortcuts can either be used with the $keyboard Widget or with Keyboard Shortcut Tiddlers

The $keyboard Widget makes the shortcuts accessible within an input or textarea field.
A shortcut defined through a Keyboard Shortcut Tiddler makes the shortcut accessible globally

See How to create keyboard shortcuts with a detailed explanation for creating your own shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are available for common editing operations within the Text Editor:

  • Confirming changes to the draft tiddler containing the keyboard focus (defaults to ctrl-Enter)
  • Abandoning changes to the draft tiddler containing the keyboard focus (defaults to escape)
  • Formatting operations from the tiddler editing toolbar (see the tooltips)

New in: 5.1.18 : New global Keyboard shortcuts:

ActionDefault Shortcut
Creating a new tiddleralt-N
Creating a new journalalt-J
Creating a new imagealt-I
Focusing sidebar search New in: 5.1.20ctrl-shift-F
Toggling the sidebar New in: 5.1.20shift-alt-S
Advanced search New in: 5.1.20ctrl-shift-A

The current shortcuts can be inspected and customised in the "Keyboard Shortcuts" tab of the Control Panel .

Special Keys

adding tags in the editor
New in: 5.1.14 : if you hit Enter in the new tag input, the tag will be added