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Making a custom journal button

 14th November 2017 at 9:58pm

To get your own custom Journal button, start by cloning the New Journal button.

Then create your own config tiddlers, eg:

  • $:/config/myNewTiddler/Tags and ...
  • $:/config/myNewTiddler/Title and ...
  • $:/config/myNewTiddler/Text

Edit your custom button and "search and replace" the config tiddler names.

Change the following lines, near the end of the tiddler from

<$set name="journalTitleTemplate" value={{$:/config/NewJournal/Title}}>
<$set name="journalTags" value={{$:/config/NewJournal/Tags}}>
<$set name="journalText" value={{$:/config/NewJournal/Text}}>


<$set name="journalTitleTemplate" value={{$:/config/myNewTiddler/Title}}>
<$set name="journalTags" value={{$:/config/myNewTiddler/Tags}}>
<$set name="journalText" value={{$:/config/myNewTiddler/Text}}>

if you want to see your config tiddlers in the sidebar use:

<$set name="journalTitleTemplate" value={{config/myNewTiddler/Title}}>
<$set name="journalTags" value={{config/myNewTiddler/Tags}}>
<$set name="journalText" value={{config/myNewTiddler/Text}}>