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Reading data from JSON tiddlers

 11th June 2022 at 10:47am

See JSON in TiddlyWiki for an overview of using JSON in TiddlyWiki.

Filter Operators for Accessing JSON Data

The following filter operators allow values to be read from JSON data:

  • jsonget to retrieve the values of a property in JSON data
  • jsontype to retrieve the type of a JSON value
  • jsonindexes to retrieve the names of the fields of a JSON object, or the indexes of a JSON array
  • jsonextract to retrieve a JSON value as a string of JSON

Text References for Accessing JSON Data

Text references are a simple shortcut syntax to look up the value of a named property. For example, if a DictionaryTiddler called MonthDays contains:


... then {{MonthDays##nov}} will resolve to the value 30.

The same is true if MonthDays is a JSONTiddler with the following content: