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 17th November 2021 at 11:26pm

The RefreshMechanism allows the refresh cycle to be throttled (or deferred) when rapid changes occur to the same tiddler. It is used to maintain responsiveness while editing a draft tiddler, but can also be used on other tiddlers.

The rules governing refresh throttling are:

  • When a change notification occurs, throttling will only take place if all of the modified tiddlers meet at least one of these criteria:
    • Has the field draft.of
    • Has the field throttle.refresh
    • Has a title prefixed with $:/temp/volatile/
  • If the refresh cycle is to be throttled, a timer is set for the internal specified in $:/config/Drafts/TypingTimeout (cancelling any preciously set timer)
    • When the timer fires, the refresh cycle is triggered, passing the aggregated titles of all the deferred refresh cycles