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Release 5.1.9

 3rd July 2015 at 3:37pm

See GitHub for detailed change history of this release

Major Improvements

New "Powered by TiddlyWiki" plugin

An experimental plugin to add a simple "Powered by TiddlyWiki" banner to your site. It is included in this prerelease but will not be on the main wiki.

New "Fluid story, fixed sidebar" mode

It is now possible to arrange the main window so that the sidebar has a fixed width and the story river expands to fill the remaining space.

To switch it on, visit Theme Tweaks in the $:/ControlPanel Appearance tab and use the following options:

  • Sidebar layout:
    • Fixed story, fluid sidebar (default) - the story river has a fixed width and the sidebar fills the remaining space
    • Fluid story, fixed sidebar - the story river expands to fill horizontal space remaining after the fixed width sidebar
  • Sidebar width:
    • The width of the sidebar. Can be specified in pixels (eg 350px), a percentage (eg 25%) or other CSS unit

Toolbar Button Style Setting

A new setting in $:/ControlPanel Settings tab allows the toolbar button style to be chosen from the following options:

  • the existing style
  • , which adds a thin border box around the button
  • , which rounds the button corners and inverts the button colours

Plugins can add new style options.

New Tiddler Toolbar Button: "Open in new window"

An experimental new tiddler toolbar button opens a single tiddler in a separate pop-up browser window. The tiddler will be dynamically updated just as in the main window. There are several uses:

  • Arranging reference tiddlers for easy access while editing in the main window
  • Making good use of multi-screen layouts
  • Printing the content of a single tiddler
  • Running presentations in a separate window while maintaining notes in the main window

Improvements for visually impaired users

  • Improved monochrome palette variants:
    • . Foreground: , Background:
    • . Foreground: , Background:

New "Solar Flare" palette

There's a new core palette "Solar Flare", contributed by Rustem Akbulatov (@nameanyone).

Options for Story Control

There are new options for controlling the position in the story river of newly opened tiddlers. Visit the Settings tab of $:/ControlPanel and look for "Tiddler Opening Behaviour".

New Hidden Settings

Two new hidden settings for advanced configuration:

New Vars widget

Added VarsWidget for setting multiple variables in one operation:

<$vars greeting="Hi" me={{!!title}} sentence=<<helloworld>>>
  <<greeting>>! I am <<me>> and I say: <<sentence>>

Other Improvements

Translation Improvements

  • Updates to the Dutch, Chinese, Italian and German translations
  • New Catalan (Spain) translation

Usability Improvements

  • Added new page control icon for setting the palette:
  • Added new icons for palette and "open new window"
  • Improved the theme icon to better match the new palette icon:
  • Avoid glitch with autofocusing the search box in the plugin library
  • Added information about TiddlyDesktop to Releases
  • Stopped autosaving after cancelling an edit
  • Added dropdown to edit template to allow existing field names to be selected

Hackability Improvements

  • Updated to KaTeX version 0.4.3, with the following editions since the previous 0.2.0 release that was distributed with TiddlyWiki 5.1.8:
    • Added support for some \begin/\end environments, including support for array, matrix, pmatrix, bmatrix, vmatrix, and Vmatrix
    • Added support for optional \sqrt arguments, e.g. \sqrt[3]{x}
    • Add support for \phantom
    • Add \#, \&
    • See the KaTeX GitHub page for full release details
  • Extended ActionSendMessageWidget for more flexible passing of named parameters via new $name and $value attributes
  • Added styling for <kbd> elements such as escape and enter
  • Added subtle new "pin stripe" pattern for page background -
  • Added support for custom elements to the ButtonWidget
  • Improved CodeMirror plugin to automatically refresh when a tiddler type changes
  • Added new setting in $:/ControlPanel to render tiddler titles as links, which can be convenient for drag and drop
  • Simplified detecting the preview pane with the tv-tiddler-preview Variable
  • Improved automatic linking of system tiddler titles by restricting them to letters and the characters /.-

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed problem with special characters in field names
  • Fixed static banner layout on mobile devices
  • Fixed popups within the scrollable widget by adding position: relative; to example scrollable widget styles


@Jermolene would like to thank the contributors to this release who have generously given their time to help improve TiddlyWiki: