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 14th April 2019 at 11:01am

Introduced in v5.1.20 Saves the current wiki as a wiki folder, including tiddlers, plugins and configuration:

--savewikifolder <wikifolderpath> [<filter>] [ [<name>=<value>] ]*
  • The target wiki folder must be empty or non-existent
  • The filter specifies which tiddlers should be included. It is optional, defaulting to [all[tiddlers]]
  • Plugins from the official plugin library are replaced with references to those plugins in the file
  • Custom plugins are unpacked into their own folder

The following options are supported:

  • filter: a filter expression that defines the tiddlers to include in the output.
  • explodePlugins: defaults to "yes"
    • yes will "explode" plugins into separate tiddler files and save them to the plugin directory within the wiki folder
    • no will suppress exploding plugins into their constituent tiddler files. It will save the plugin as a single JSON tiddler in the tiddlers folder

Note that both explodePlugins options will produce wiki folders that build the exact same original wiki. The difference lies in how plugins are represented in the wiki folder.

A common usage is to convert a TiddlyWiki HTML file into a wiki folder:

tiddlywiki --load ./mywiki.html --savewikifolder ./mywikifolder

Save the plugin to the tiddlers directory of the target wiki folder:

tiddlywiki --load ./mywiki.html --savewikifolder ./mywikifolder explodePlugins=no