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Saving on Android

7th May 2020 at 10:39am
Android Saving

The Tiddloid and Tiddloid Lite app are Android apps that makes it possible to edit and save changes to TiddlyWiki HTML files.


  • Create new TiddlyWiki importing latest edition from internet
  • Import existing TiddlyWikis stored on device/internal storage. (TiddloidLite supports external SD card too)
  • Fork interesting ~Tiddlywikis from internet (Supports TW5 only)
  • TiddlyWiki detection
  • Locally stored ~Tiddlywikis are updated simultaneously on saving changes to TiddlyWikis imported to the app
  • Backup system that is compatible with TiddlyDesktop, the desktop TiddlyWiki saver
  • Creating shortcuts to existing TiddlyWiki on Android Homepage
  • TiddloidLite supports cloud storages like GDrive and OneDrive

Please note

  • Tiddloid Lite feature better support for devices running Android Q or later. It also supports cloud storages like GDrive and OneDrive, while Tiddloid keeps the compatibility to TiddlyWikiClassic. To know more about differences between Tiddloid and Tiddloid Lite, please visit Tiddloid's homepage.
  • You should keep the .html or .htm extension of the files to be imported.