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Saving on iPad/iPhone

 7th October 2020 at 8:53pm

The iPad/iPhone app Quine 2 makes it possible to view, edit and then save changes to TiddlyWiki5 on iOS. Download it here.

Instructions for use:

  1. Open Quine 2
  2. Tap the + toolbar button to create and open a new TiddlyWiki
  3. From the file list tap an existing TiddlyWiki file to open it
  4. Edit the TiddlyWiki as normal, and save as normal using either Autosave or the TiddlyWiki save button
  5. Tap the left hand "Documents" toolbar button to close an open TiddlyWiki
  • Quine 2 works natively in iOS with the local file system and the iCloud file system
  • Quine 2 also allows you to open, edit and save TiddlyWiki files stored with cloud file providers
  • Quine 2 allows you to follow embedded WikiText links and canonical links to external files for cloud-like file providers which support "folder level sharing".
    • This includes the apps "Secure Shellfish" and "Working Copy". Most providers, though, do not allow apps like Quine 2 to access linked files this way.
    • If you wish to enable such links for "well behaved" file providers, toggle "on" the "Enable folder selection for out-of-sandbox links" setting in iOS Settings for Quine 2

Note that Quine is published independently of TiddlyWiki