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Saving on iPad/iPhone

13th November 2017 at 10:59am
iOS Saving

The iPad/iPhone app Quine makes it possible to edit and save changes to TiddlyWiki5, including working offline without a network connection. Download it here.

Instructions for use:

  1. Open Quine
  2. On iPad
    • Touch the file button (<) or swipe from the left of the screen to open the file list
  3. On iPhone
    • The file list will show automatically unless a wiki is already open
  4. Touch the new file button (+) in the file list window to create a new TiddlyWiki5 file
  5. Swipe any file item from the right to see a list of additional "actions" possible for that file
  6. Touch any listed file item or folder to open it - wikis will open in Quine's custom browser
  7. When you have an open TiddlyWiki5:
  8. Try creating a new tiddler using the new tiddler button in the sidebar
  9. Type some content for the tiddler, and click the ok button
  10. Save your changes by clicking the save changes button in the sidebar
    • A confirmation message should appear at the top right of the window
  11. Touch "Done" when done editing a wiki

Note that Quine is published independently of TiddlyWiki