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Saving with the HTML5 saver

 10th December 2022 at 9:57pm

This is the default method of saving if no other method is installed. It uses your browser's built-in "download a file" handler, and has the advantage of working on almost all desktop browsers, and many mobile browsers.

  1. Download an empty TiddlyWiki by clicking this button:
    If the button doesn't work save this link:
    Your browser may ask you to accept the download before it begins
  2. Locate the file you just downloaded
    • You may rename it, but be sure to keep the .html or .htm extension
  3. Open the file in your browser
  4. Try creating a new tiddler using the new tiddler button in the sidebar. Type some content for the tiddler, and click the ok button
  5. Save your changes by clicking the save changes button in the sidebar
  6. Your browser will download a new copy of the wiki incorporating your changes
  7. Locate the newly downloaded file and open it in your browser
  8. Verify that your changes have been saved correctly

Tip: most browsers have an option to prompt each time for the download location. This allows you to select the existing version of the file and replace it.