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Sharing a TiddlyWiki on Dropbox

 8th June 2015 at 3:20am

You can work on a TiddlyWiki file in Dropbox and publish a URL that anyone can use to see a read-only view of the file.

  1. Save your TiddlyWiki file within your Dropbox folder
  2. Select Dropbox's "Share Link" option to obtain a public URL for the file
    • In the Dropbox web interface, this is done by clicking the link icon that appears when you hover over a file. Dropbox also adds a "Share Link" item to the file context menu in Finder on OS X and Explorer on Windows
  3. The URL generated by Dropbox will have this form:<gobbledegook>/mywiki.html
  4. Modify the URL like this, carefully preserving the gobbledegook:<gobbledegook>/mywiki.html

The result is a "secret" URL that you can send to other people to enable them to see the wiki.

Enter a generated URL here and you can copy and paste the secret URL:<gobbledegook>/mywiki.html (open)