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Some of the things you can do with TiddlyWiki

 18th October 2021 at 10:23am
  • Take notes, and use tags and hyperlinking to form relationships between your notes
  • Use tabs, tables, tag-based lists, and tables of contents to get organised
  • Bookmark your favorite websites (see an example at
  • Keep track of tasks and appointments, and organise them by multiple tags (see our TaskManagementExample)
  • Inventory just about anything: your recipes, personal library, contacts, music collection, and more
  • Create a blog or website
  • Write a book
  • Organise your images into galleries (see Icon Gallery)
  • Share the information in your TiddlyWiki with others, as an online file, as a file attachment, as a tiddler file, or as a link to a specific online tiddler (try clicking and dragging a tiddler from one TiddlyWiki file to another to see what happens)
  • Draw a sketch (Edit Motovun Jack.jpg and start drawing over the image to see what happens)
  • Use familiar web user interface elements such as lightboxes - see SampleWizard
  • Create a slideshow presentation
  • Set up an entire local or online knowledgebase, with a central TiddlyWiki file linking to other TiddlyWiki files ( is a Spanish online example of this)
  • Set up a data visualisation using tiddlers as data (see the visualisations at