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7th March 2019 at 6:39pm

TiddlyWiki executes any ActionWidgets found in tiddlers with the following system tags during startup:

  • $:/tags/StartupAction (executed on all platforms)
  • $:/tags/StartupAction/Browser (only executed when running in the browser)
  • $:/tags/StartupAction/Node (only executed when running under Node.js)

Startup actions are useful for customising TiddlyWiki according to environmental factors such as the screen size. For example, the following action widgets when placed in a tiddler tagged $:/tags/StartupAction/Browser will cause the sidebar to be hidden by default when the screen width is less than 1000 pixels:

<$reveal type="lt" state="$:/info/browser/screen/width" text="3000">
<$action-setfield $tiddler="$:/state/sidebar" $value="no"/>

<$reveal type="gteq" state="$:/info/browser/screen/width" text="3000">
<$action-setfield $tiddler="$:/state/sidebar" $value="yes"/>

New in: 5.1.20 This example switches to the language plugin matching the language reported by the browser:

<$action-setfield $tiddler="$:/language" text={{{ [[$:/languages/en-GB]] [plugin-type[language]sort[description]removeprefix[$:/languages/]] +[prefix{$:/info/browser/language}] ~[[en-GB]] +[addprefix[$:/languages/]] }}}/>

Note that global macros are not available within startup action tiddlers by default. If you need to access them then you'll need to explicitly include them with an import pragma at the top of the tiddler:

\import [[$:/core/ui/PageMacros]] [all[shadows+tiddlers]tag[$:/tags/Macro]!has[draft.of]]