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SystemTag: $:/tags/Filter

 26th September 2018 at 5:14pm

The system tag $:/tags/Filter marks filters in advanced search sample filter dropdown

The following tiddlers are tagged with $:/tags/Filter

$:/core/Filters/AllTags All tags except system tags
$:/core/Filters/AllTiddlers All tiddlers except system tiddlers
$:/core/Filters/Drafts Draft tiddlers
$:/core/Filters/Missing Missing tiddlers
$:/core/Filters/Orphans Orphan tiddlers
$:/core/Filters/OverriddenShadowTiddlers Overridden shadow tiddlers
$:/core/Filters/RecentSystemTiddlers Recently modified tiddlers, including system tiddlers
$:/core/Filters/RecentTiddlers Recently modified tiddlers
$:/core/Filters/SessionTiddlers Tiddlers modified since the wiki was loaded
$:/core/Filters/ShadowTiddlers Shadow tiddlers
$:/core/Filters/StoryList Tiddlers in the story river, excluding $:/AdvancedSearch
$:/core/Filters/SystemTags System tags
$:/core/Filters/SystemTiddlers System tiddlers
$:/core/Filters/TypedTiddlers Non wiki-text tiddlers