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TWaddle by Matias Goldman

 29th May 2015 at 8:43am

A collection of hints and tips, musings and proposals from long-time TiddlyWiki contributor Mat Goldman.

This is Mat's, a.k.a <:-) little man-cave in the TiddlyVerse.

Most TW development is, understandably, based on the premise that "Improve code ➔ Better TW". TWaddle is also about developing TW but from the perspective that Bigger community ⇄ Better TW. Thus, TWaddle looks more to people issues - how to attract them, how to make them stick with TW etc.

I'm not a programmer but I am a TW enthusiast so I tiddlefiddle enough to make the occasional discovery of something cool. Given the amount of words I utter, it is also a mere numbers game before I say something that makes sense. TWaddle is intended to capture these eventualities.