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Tables in WikiText

25th January 2014 at 2:46pm


TiddlyWiki5 formats tables using vertical bar characters like so:

|!Cell1 |!Cell2 |
|Cell3 |Cell3 |

Exclamation marks are used to indicate header cells. The example renders as:


Cell Alignment

Table cell alignment is controlled by inserting space characters before and/or after the cell content. For example:

|Left aligned content |
| Right aligned content|
| Centred content |
|+++ a very wide column so we can see the alignment +++|

The example renders as:

Left aligned content
Right aligned content
Centred content
+++ a very wide column so we can see the alignment +++

Cell vertical Alignment

Vertical alignment of cells is done by inserting either a ^ for top alignment or a , for bottom alignment as the first character of a cell. The normal horizontal alignment is still possible. For example:

|^top left |^ top center |^ top right|
|middle left | middle center | middle right|
|,bottom left |, bottom center |, bottom right|

The example renders as:

top lefttop centertop right::
middle leftmiddle centermiddle right::
bottom leftbottom centerbottom right::

If you need to have a ^or a , as the first character of a left aligned cell, you can use HTML escaping:


Cell Merging

To merge a table cell with the one above, use the special cell text ~. To merge a cell with the one to its left use the text <. To merge one to its right use >. For example:

|Cell1 |Cell2 |Cell3 |Cell4 |
|Cell5 |Cell6 |Cell7 |<|
|Cell5 |~|Cell7 |Cell8 |
|>|Cell9 |Cell10 |Cell11 |

Renders as:


Table Classes, Captions, Headers and Footers

Table CSS classes, captions, headers and footers can be specified as special pseudo-rows. The following example:

  • assigns the CSS classes "myclass" and "anotherClass" to the table
  • gives the table the caption "This is a caption"
  • adds a header row of cells with the text "Header"
  • adds a footer row of cells with the text "Footer"
|myclass anotherClass|k
|This is a caption |c
|Cell1 |Cell2 |
|Cell3 |Cell3 |

Renders as:

This is a caption