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Ten reasons to switch to TiddlyWiki

 14th April 2015 at 7:16am
  1. With TiddlyWiki you can organise your notes your way, not their way. Your notes conform to your way of thinking rather than being forced into a hierarchical straightjacket of notebooks and tabs
  2. TiddlyWiki's nonlinear approach will actually make you think about your information in new and helpful ways
  3. Finding your notes in TiddlyWiki is lightning fast
  4. There are many ways to customise and adapt every aspect of TiddlyWiki
  5. TiddlyWiki is free and is compatible with all platforms. Any web browser will open it. You don't need to purchase an expensive program or pay a subscription fee to use it
  6. TiddlyWiki files promote the free sharing of information. There are many ways you can share your information from TiddlyWiki
  7. With TiddlyWiki, your information is yours, and you store it where you want to - on your device, on a USB stick, in Dropbox, on your server
  8. TiddlyWiki features an ever-growing number of plugins, themes, widgets, and languages
  9. The online TiddlyWiki community is friendly and will do their best to give you the help you need
  10. If you are a programmer, you have even more ways to play with TiddlyWiki. With TiddlyWiki, the more you know, the more fun you can have with it