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 6th June 2016 at 12:28pm
  1. Open upgrade.html
  2. Includes a data tiddler called $:/UpgradeLibrary that contains the latest compatible versions of all plugins in the library
  3. Drag in old wiki file
  4. Place tiddlers into a data tiddler $:/Import that is typed as a "pending import"
  5. Kick off import processing for each tiddler
    1. Give each "upgrader" module a chance to inspect the incoming tiddlers
    2. Upgrader modules can trigger actions for each tiddler:
      • Display a warning message
      • Don't import
      • Replace with another tiddler from the upgrade library
      • Disable incompatible plugins
  6. Display the newly created pending import tiddler through a new view template segment
    1. Displays the payload tiddlers as a list of titles and checkboxes, with a dropdown showing the full details of the tiddler
    2. Perhaps we also suppress the usual JSON display for data tiddlers behind a reveal widget
  7. The user can adjust the selection checkboxes
  8. Clicking "Upgrade" unpacks the selected tiddlers from the pending import tiddler
  9. The pending import tiddler and the upgrade library tiddler are excluded from the subsequent save operation