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WebServer API: Get All Tiddlers

 9th September 2022 at 9:43am

Gets an array of all raw non-system tiddlers, excluding the text field.

GET /recipes/default/tiddlers.json


  • filter - filter identifying tiddlers to be returned (optional, defaults to "[all[tiddlers]!is[system]sort[title]]")
  • exclude - comma delimited list of fields to excluded from the returned tiddlers (optional, defaults to "text")

In order to avoid denial of service attacks with malformed filters in the default configuration the only filter that is accepted is the default filter "[all[tiddlers]!is[system]sort[title]]"; attempts to use any other filter will result in an HTTP 403 error.

System tiddlers will not be returned by this API unless the Hidden Setting: Sync System Tiddlers From Server is explicitly switched on by setting $:/config/SyncSystemTiddlersFromServer to yes

To enable a particular filter, create a tiddler with the title "$:/config/Server/ExternalFilters/" concatenated with the filter text, and the text field set to "yes". For example, the TiddlyWeb plugin includes the following shadow tiddler to enable the filter that it requires:

title: $:/config/Server/ExternalFilters/[all[tiddlers]] -[[$:/isEncrypted]] -[prefix[$:/temp/]] -[prefix[$:/status/]] -[[$:/boot/boot.js]] -[[$:/boot/bootprefix.js]] -[[$:/library/sjcl.js]] -[[$:/core]]
text: yes

It is also possible to configure the server to accept any filter by creating a tiddler titled $:/config/Server/AllowAllExternalFilters with the text "yes". This should not be done for public facing servers.