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WidgetMessage: tm-close-window

 9th April 2022 at 9:28am

New in: 5.2.2

The tm-close-window message closes an additional browser window that was opened with tm-open-window. Specify which window to close by setting the value of param to the string used as windowID when opening the window.

param {default param}String used as windowID when opening the window

The tm-close-window message is best generated with the ActionSendMessageWidget, which in turn is triggered by a widget such as the ButtonWidget. It is handled by the core itself.

When used with the ActionSendMessageWidget, param becomes $param

To close all additional browser windows that were opened with tm-open-window use WidgetMessage: tm-close-all-windows

If the windowID parameter was used with tm-open-window when opening a new window, the value of windowID is available within that window in the variable tv-window-id

<$button>Open Window
  windowTitle="My Window Title"
  something="I just in over in a variable, and boy is my Hashmap tired." />
<$button>Close Window

That renders as: